21405 Selca, Croatia
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Center: 200 m
Market: 3,000 m
Bank: 3,000 m
Restaurant: 200 m
Disco club: 3,000 m
Beach: 30 m
Ambulance: 3,000 m
Drug store : 3,000 m
Petrol station : 300 m
Airport: 20,000 m


Some details of artificial lighting arrangement in apartments

Artificial lighting differs from daylight by the wavelength of its spectrum and is not able to substitute natural lighting. Unlike sunlight that is purely neutral, artificial light - whether it is radiation of incandescent filament of light bulbs, fluorescent lamps with glowing gas or burning wick candles – it is always characterized by one or another coloration.

Incorrect using of artificial lighting has negative impact on human eyesight to a greater extent than natural lighting. Inadequate illumination distracts and causes fatigue, while excessive leads to eyestrain. Children, the elderly and people with weak or defective eyesight are particulary sensitive to bad lighting. Permanent dwellings with inadequate lighting promotes myopia in children and its progression in adults, impairs adaptation properties of eyesight. Too bright and abundant artificial lighting leads to over excitement, can cause irritability, headaches, and in people with poor eyesight - itchy eyes, watery eyes and increased intraocular pressure. It is obvious that proper attention should be paid to artificial lighting when choosing an apartment to accommodate in. Learn here with Apartments Karmen experts what other issues except lighting should be considered when choosing apartments. The basic principles, people should be guided with are concluded in the following positions: brightness of the light should be sufficient, light should be evenly distributed on the illuminated object (room, or any other functional area), light source should not dazzle the eyes, lighting should be diffused and not to create deep shadows and lighting must not be trembling.

Adequate lighting may be checked in a simple way. You should be able to read a book without eyestrain while sitting on a chair or a couch. If you have a desire to push the book closer to the light source then the light is dim. Excessive light can be determined with the help of white sheet of paper. Draw a circle with white chalk. If the circle is noticeable, but does not shine then the lighting sufficient, if it shines - think about reducing the power of the light source. The best lighting sources for reading are floor lamps as they provide good illumination of a separate area. Today people in Toronto increasingly install floor lamps in living and bedrooms for reading.

Jose Townsend – lighting expert from about floor lamps offered by Toronto stores.

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