21405 Selca, Croatia
tel: 00 385 (0)21 625 238

Center: 200 m
Market: 3,000 m
Bank: 3,000 m
Restaurant: 200 m
Disco club: 3,000 m
Beach: 30 m
Ambulance: 3,000 m
Drug store : 3,000 m
Petrol station : 300 m
Airport: 20,000 m


Selca has a population of approximately 1000 inhabitants, a hunded of which live in a total hamlets with a slightly smaller number living in the attractive new beach complexes a mere 2 km away from the town. Puntinak offer a variety of holiday homes for guests.

Selca is, in its dimensions, a large-sized village, but in its appearance it looks like a Maditerranean town in miniature. It enjoys an uniterrupted view of the sea with uninhibited access to its lovely bays and swimming areas.'

It is known fact that the district of Selca being exploited for the purposes of mass tourism, with a tradition of hospitality dating back more than 60 years. Our district, with its current capacity of 1500 beds in high class hotels, apartment complexes with radiant heat systems, villas and homes, offers a large advantage over other resorts for those interested in activity-filled holidays and eco-tourism.