Imperfections of rented apartments: how to solve them without too much costs

It is quite possible to refresh a rented apartment, remake it for your needs. This can be done without too much financial costs and physical effort. Here are the main flaws of a rented apartment and tips how to fight them.

1. Ugly furniture. If the furniture is built-in, then you will have to humble with its presence, but no one stops you to make it more attractive. Almost any cabinet can be ennobled with beautiful accessories. If simple replacement of a hardware does not save the situation - then decorate it with photo wall paper.

2. Bad view from the window. There is a solution - decorate a window with beautiful curtains or blinds.

3. Lack of light. This problem is easily improved with a large number of artificial light: use all sorts of floor lamps, sconces and table lamps.

4. Ugly floor. It is rather expensive and unjustified to replace the flooring in a rented apartment, therefore just cover it with beautiful rags and carpets.

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