21405 Selca, Croatia
tel: 00 385 (0)21 625 238

Center: 200 m
Market: 3,000 m
Bank: 3,000 m
Restaurant: 200 m
Disco club: 3,000 m
Beach: 30 m
Ambulance: 3,000 m
Drug store : 3,000 m
Petrol station : 300 m
Airport: 20,000 m


How proper lighting in apartments affects human health

Illumination affects human health state, fatigue, resistance to stress, mental and physical loads. Our eyesight depends completely on the room lighting. For this reason, it is vitally important to comply with all regulatory requirements, as psychological and physical health of people living in the apartment depends directly on this.

The importance of lighting is that through eyesight a person receives the largest volumes of information about the surrounding world. Lighting plays an important role as a useful physiological factor. Human productivity increase significantly (sometimes by 15 percent and more) with good lighting in almost all cases and, consequently, the quality of work increases, while the number of injuries on the workplace reduces. The number of car accidents on the roads and streets also reduces with proper lighting. All the costs allocated to improve the lighting during repairs in the apartment, in the most cases are quickly compensated. Remember that experts call lighting that meets economic and hygienic requirements rational.