How to Prolong the Life of Your Shoes?

Leather Shoes

Leather is a gentle material that can be easily spoiled. Leather shoes require special attention and proper care. You should clean your clarks walking shoes with special care products and a soft sponge. Do not leave your shoes dirty, you should clean them right away. For this purpose, you can use warm water and a soft piece of flannel cloth. It is important not to expose your leather shoes to water, since water can adversely affect their condition.

After cleaning the shoes of dirt, they must be dried. This is done at room temperature, away from heating appliances. You can insert a crumpled newspaper inside the shoe, which will absorb excess moisture. From time to time, it is necessary to treat your shoes made of leather with water-repellent agents. Periodically do not forget to use a shoe cream, if you want your shoes to have attractive look. Just do not apply it directly before going out, because the cream will not have time to absorb. To give shine to leather shoes, use a special brush.

It is recommended to store your leather Clarks walking shoes in a cardboard box. To prevent their deformation, do not forget to put paper or plastic inlays inside the shoes.

Shoes made of artificial leather

Caring for shoes made of leatherette is much easier than for footwear made of genuine leather. Eliminate dirt with a soft cloth soaked in a warm detergent solution. After this procedure, the shoes should be wiped and dried at room temperature.

It is not recommended to treat the surface of footwear made of artificial leather with various creams designed for genuine leather. It is best to use silicone impregnation. It can protect shoes from dust and moisture and give them shine. Avoid exposing your leatherette shoes to acids, fats, alcohol, acetone. Bear in mind that such shoes are afraid of sudden changes in temperature and direct sunlight.

Patent Leather Shoes

If you want to extend the life of patent leather shoes, then you should remember that it is intended solely for solemn occasions, and not for daily wear. Despite its apparent durability, this footwear is much more vulnerable in comparison to smooth leather. Therefore, it requires special attention and proper care.

It is not recommended to wear shoes made of patent leather, the temperature outdoors is below 5 degrees or above 25 degrees. In this case, the varnish can crack, lose its shine and even peel off. Try to avoid the appearance of various damages on the patent leather, as they will damage the look of the shoes.

To care for lacquered shoes, use only special products that protect the material from cracks and give them shine. To clean the surface of dirt, use a soft cloth. The brush can damage the glossy material. Do not use sponges with silicone impregnation. After removing impurities, dry shoes at room temperature away from heat appliances. After drying, apply castor oil or glycerin to the shoe surface and polish it with a soft cloth.

Footwear from nubuck and suede

Shoes made of polished leather are very capricious, therefore, they require special care. To make your suede or nubuck shoes serve you for a long life, you should protect them from dirt, moisture and stains. This can be done with a water repellent spray and a soft brush. It is necessary to wipe the shoes with a dry brush and apply a repellent spray. The material should become slightly wet and it should be dried for 12 hours. Thanks to this procedure, your shoes will get a protective layer from any contamination. If your suede shoes are dirty, you can clean them with a special brush or flannel cloth. If the dirt is wet - shoes must be dried. In order to get rid of stains, it is recommended to use a stain remover.

Footwear made of textiles

Shoes made of textiles are designed for wearing in the warm season. They are distinguished by their convenience and elegant appearance. This footwear goes perfectly well with the summer wardrobe. However, despite all these advantages, this footwear also has some disadvantages: it quickly gets dirty and wet. To ensure that textile shoes do not lose their attractive appearance and serve their owner faithfully, it is necessary to provide them with thorough care. First of all, you should treat your shoes with a water repellent spray. It will protect the new pair of shoes from the negative impact of the environment and will not allow spots to appear on the surface. If the shoes are still dirty, you can clean them with the help of ordinary soapy water and a toothbrush. To prolong the life of textile shoes, you should wear them carefully.