21405 Selca, Croatia
tel: 00 385 (0)21 625 238

Center: 200 m
Market: 3,000 m
Bank: 3,000 m
Restaurant: 200 m
Disco club: 3,000 m
Beach: 30 m
Ambulance: 3,000 m
Drug store : 3,000 m
Petrol station : 300 m
Airport: 20,000 m


Holding great expos online

Today it is fashionable to do trade exhibitions & shows online because there are many big advantages of this over traditional printing. There it is vital to pay attention to all of this when it comes to doing modern business. It is very important to remember that there are many interesting things going on in the sphere of IT today and there are many different online shows to choose from like furniture industry tradeshows and make-up shows, hair services and spa salon shows, anything under the sun you can imagine. It is important to see the many benefits of online trading and they are cost-effectiveness and time efficiency. There is no need to travel to see home improvement tradeshows found online and they are available for other businessmen to see around the clock which is also very advantageous. It is also important to see how global this phenomenon is and how easily people can bring different new partners into the game, even those from the other end of the planet. It is vital to remember all this and pay attention to it. There are also advantages of cheaper costs and longer periods of displays where shows can be live weeks, months and years.