How to clean the carpet in new office or apartment?

If you have moved to your new apartment or office the most difficult question here is about your carpet. When your new house or office was empty for a long period of time, the you need understand that before you decide to move you need to do carpet cleaning. That why here you can find a number of methods for commercial carpet cleaning:

Dry mix

For small places, a household hand brush can do such a compound into carpet pile. For commercial carpet cleaning, a specifically planned cylindrical counter-rotating brushing scheme is used, with no a vacuum cleaner in fact. Keep in your mind that machine scrubbing is more usual, in this case hand scrubbing usually cleans just the third part of carpet.


Commercial cleaning solution is functional with rotary engine, brush applicator or compression aerosol. Dry remains can be voided at once, either one by one or from a fixed unit of the cleaning-system mechanism. Facts propose encapsulation make betters carpet look, evaluated to extra systems; and it is encouraging in conditions of high-traffic requirements, worker education, tools cost and lack of wet remains. Encapsulation too stays away from the drying period of carpet shampoos, making the carpet on hand for use right away. Moreover, pay your attention that the use of encapsulation to generate a crystalline remains that can be at once vacuumed.


Wet shampoo carpet cleaning with rotating machines, follow by systematic wet vacuuming, however industry sensitivity of shampoo cleaning altered with the development of encapsulations. Wet shampoos were on one occasion prepared from coconut oil soaps, that's why its remains can be bubbly or steamy and spray cleaning time and again exposes dust un-extracted by shampoos. However, bear in your mind that this method is not generally used in the present day for commercial carpet cleaning.

As you see, there are a lot of aspects to think about when cleaning your carpets in nearly all cases carpet cleaning is not a temporary sort job and there are a lot of good reasons to carry on with a commercial carpet cleaning when you are searching to have your carpets cleaned. That's why, when you need to find the reliable company for carpet cleaning, first of all be sure about the methods they used for their job.

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