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21405 Selca, Croatia
tel: 00 385 (0)21 625 238

When you have already moved into the new place the most important question while the process of repair is the safety of your house, even if you are living now in the most luxurious district. That is why many safety specialists recommend to pay attention to the different entrance doors and windows with already installed anti-burglar accessories. overhead door provider has a wide range of security gates, steel insulated overhead doors that will not only give you the feeling of safety, but will save the space too.

Center: 200 m
Market: 3,000 m
Bank: 3,000 m
Restaurant: 200 m
Disco club: 3,000 m
Beach: 30 m
Ambulance: 3,000 m
Drug store : 3,000 m
Petrol station : 300 m
Airport: 20,000 m

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    The Mediterranean climate with its hot summers and mild
    winters results in a large number of sunny days,allowing the swimming season
    to extend from May to the beginning of November. 

    This part of the island enjoys a beautiful landscape of azure Mediterranean spledour, with a pebbled abundance of beaches and bays which offer peace, privacy and ideal conditions for a variety of water sports. guarantee you comfortable stay.

    It is located in fashionably designed building with a flat roof installed by a leader in construction industry. It consists of 3 apartments, each with different capacity.

    The security of all our apartments is provided by the ControlFire supression systems installed in the premises to ensure fire safety to all our owners and guests.

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    There are two large apartments suited for a family
    of six and one slightly smaller ideal for a family of four. Piece of information that can be useful to you;
    The distance from the sea is about 50 m.

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